Small Strokes

About us

We are Jessica and Janice and we are the founders and owners of atelier SAF! We are friends for years and since April 2020 we started this ceramic studio.

We are both trained as visual art teachers and have learned to work with porcelain at Artez, it's an art school in the netherlands. We instantly fell in love with working with porcelain, since then we have continued to develop ourselves and we have finally taken the step to turn our passion into our work.

Bright colors with golden details, striking and recognizable shapes. We are happy to change the function of existing objects into beautiful eye-catchers for your interior.

Porcelain is a fragile product that needs a lot of attention and love. Everything is handmade and the entire production is carried out by ourselves.


Each product goes through our hands at least 15 times and is baked 3 times in the kiln.

Do you have any questions or do you want to know something about us? Feel free to send an email to



Jessica and Janice