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Welcome to Atelier SAF!
Atelier SAF is a Dutch ceramic studio

founded in 2020 by friends Janice Rijnders (1995) and Jessica de Kat (1995). What started as a school assignment during their studies at the art academy has grown into a brand with selling points throughout the Netherlands and even in Europe. 

Atelier saf works exclusively with porcelain. All products are handmade from A to Z by the ladies themselves. Each product goes into a ceramic oven 3 times and through their hands at least 15 times. As you will understand, everything is made with a lot of love and patience. 

You can recognize the products by colorful striking products with always a golden detail. The gold details are made with 24k gold luster. Real gold! Meanwhile, the most famous product of atelier saf is the maria vase. This is indispensable in the collection. 

Atelier saf stands for craftsmanship, quality, and recognisability. A special traditional product as an eye catcher for your interior. By every product there is a special story to tell. Because the products are made by hand, they can all

differslightly from each other. 


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