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dried flowers
  • dried flowers

    VAT Included

    Dried flower bouquets.

    We have 3 different sizes! Mini, medium, and large, and they are available in different colors. The photo is just an example, the bouquet is made according to the offer we have at that moment.

    Each bouquet is made per order.
    Mini bouquet: consists of about 5 twigs. And it fits in all our products.
    Medium bouquet: consists of about 7 twigs and fits in all vases except size XS and S. Also suitable for So-Ja, spice and maud vases.

    Large bouquet: consists of about 8 twigs, 2 of which are large flowers. This fits in sizes L and XL and is also suitable for the So-Ja, spice and Maud vase!

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