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Have you always wanted to know how a porcelain product is made?

Good news! You can now pour your own products with us.


What do we do?

- Explanation about the process of ceramics

- Pour 3 products

- 1 Maria vase with a 3-part mould

- 2 products with a 1-piece mold such as a flower pot, bowl or saucer


- Choose from 10 different colors

- Experimenting with techniques, colors and patterns.


The workshop lasts approximately 2.5 hours. Of course you will also receive a drink and something tasty from us.

The products are finished, baked and glazed by us. If you want golden hands on the Maria vase, you can have them added by us for an additional cost of €5. Hearts, dots, lines or other options are also possible. These have an additional price in consultation.


Oh yes, don't put on new clothes!



Workshop SAF

the 3G field

6666 MK Heteren

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